Houses in Bad Condition: Sell Your House As Is

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A house in very bad conditon

A lot of houses can fall into disrepair quite quickly. It only takes a year or two of avoiding or ignoring maintenance. Whether you had tenants that abused your property, inherited the property very recently, or just didn’t have the time (or inclination) to repair it yourself, you’re going to have difficulty selling a house in bad condition.

Most home buyers are trying to buy their house with a home loan. Home lenders require that the property undergo inspection. They don’t want to purchase a property that will be hard for them to sell. It’s tough to sell a house on the open market for that reason. But at 1-800-BUY-HOUSES, we buy houses in bad condition, poor condition — really any condition. You can sell your house as is and walk away with cash without having to invest in repairs or renovations. Contact us today to sell your house anywhere in the United States, no matter what condition it’s in.

How Expensive Are Home Repairs?

Home repairs can be extremely costly depending on what needs to be replaced. A roof or foundation can cost tens of thousands of dollars. A water heater can cost thousands. An HVAC system in a small house might be $8,000, but it might be upwards of $20,000 in a larger house.

Not only are home repairs expensive, they are often to make your property sellable rather than actually improving its value. You might need to spend $5,000 for a new carpet in your $200,000 home and still only get $200,000 for it. Many home buyers won’t look at a property with dirty carpets, but they also aren’t going to spend more for it. They’re likely to replace it anyway.

Because home repairs are so expensive, it’s often not worth doing yourself. Instead, you can sell your house fast for cash and leave the renovations and repairs to the professionals.

We Even Buy Condemned Houses

A bank will never approve a mortgage to purchase a condemned house. Condemned houses can’t be lived in. They need to undergo substantial repairs to be considered “livable.” But we can buy condemned houses because we have professionals on hand to make homes habitable again. Every property has value to us — even condemned ones.

Contact Us to Sell Your House

If you have a condemned house, a dirty house, an ugly house, or just an old house, contact 1-800-BUY-HOUSES today. We will make a cash offer on your home regardless of its condition. Rather than repair or clean your property yourself, you can leave it to us. We have expert professionals who can repair and renovate even condemned properties.